Calendar - Michaelmas 2017

Week 1
Thursday 7th September Pupils Return
2.10pm - 3.30pmForm 10 and 11 Learning Performance Workshop
3.30pmForm 9 Lecture “Setting Personal Goals”
Friday 8th September 1st Exeat
Week 2
Monday 11th September8.30amFOSE Coffee Morning*
Tuesday 12th September3.30pmReception Tea for New Parents
3.30pmNetball v Duke of Kent 1st, 2nd, 3rd (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Duke of Kent U14 (H)*
3.00pmFootball v Duke of Kent U16 (A)*
3.45pmFootball v Bohunt U15 (A)*
Wednesday 13th September2.30pmBiathlon v Conifers/Royal U11, U13 (H)*
2.45pmNetball v Royal Junior U11(H)*
3.00pmNetball v Duke of Kent U11A (A)*
3.30pmNetball v Duke of Kent U13A, U13B, U13C (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Barrow Hills U13A, U11C, U11D (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Barrow Hills U13B, U13C, U13D, U13E, U11A, U11B, U11E, U11F (A)*
7.00pm - 9.00pmWelcome Drinks for New Parents in Forms 1 to 5
Thursday 14th September9.30am - 11.30amNursery Open Morning*
2.30pmFootball v Barrow Hills U9A, U9B, U9C, U9D (A)*
3.30pmNetball v Duke of Kent U9A (H)*
3.30pmForm 10 Lecture “Staying Safe and About”
Friday 15th September4.30pmForm 7 French Trip Parents and Pupils Meeting*
Saturday 16th September9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
9.30am - 1.00pmForm 10 Academic Workshops
9.30am - 1.00pmSilver DofE Training
Sunday 17th September Butser Hill Run - Inter Schools Fell Running Event
Week 3
Monday 18th September8.30amFOSE and Class Reps Meeting
9.00am - 4.30pmForm 6 to Battle Abbey
3.30pmNursery Parents Tea*
Tuesday 19th September2.45pmNetball v Frensham U15 (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Charterhouse U15, U16 (A)*
2.40pmFootball v Boxhill U14 (A)*
Wednesday 20th September8.35amForm 4T Assembly*
11.10amSenior School Council Meeting
2.30pmNetball v Longacre U11A, U11B (A),U11C (H)*
4.10pmNetball v Frensham U13A, U13B (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Highfield U13A (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Edgeborough U10A (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Edgeborough U13B, U13C, U13D (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Seaford U11A, U11B (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Longacre U11C, U11D (A), U11E (H)*
7.00pm - 9.00pmWelcome Drinks for New Parents in Forms 6 to 9
Thursday 21st September 1st Cards
2.00pmSt. Edmund’s U9 Football Tournament*
2.00pmSilver DofE Practice Expedition Departs
2.30pmNetball v Longacre U9A, U9B (H), U9C (A)*
3.30pmForm 10 Lecture “Parenthood & Teenage Pregnancy”
Friday 22nd September5.30pmSuper Heroes Boarding Night
Saturday 23rd September9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
9.30am - 1.00pmForm 10 Academic Workshops
9.30am - 1.00pmForms 3 and 4 Bikeability Level 1
 Silver DofE Practice Expedition Returns
Week 4
Monday 25th September8.50am - 12.30pmForms 9 to 11 WW1 Lecture
9.30am - 3.30pmForm 4 “Animal Antics” at Alice Holt
3.30pmPrep School Council Meeting
Tuesday 26th September European Day of Languages
9.00am - 11.30amForms 4 and 5 - Young Shakespeare Co.
2.30pmFootball v KES U14B, U15B (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Morehouse U15 (H), U16 (A)*
4.10pmNetball v Royal Senior 1st, 2nd (A)*
2.45pmNetball v Ditcham Park (H)*
Wednesday 27th September2.30pmNetball U13A and U13B (A)*
2.30pmNetball U13D and U11 (H)*
8.35amForm 3A Assembly*
2.30pmNetball v Dunhurst U13A (H),U13B, U11A, (A)*
2.30pmNetball v Conifers U11B (A)*
4.00pmNetball v Priorsfield U13C (A)*
2.00pmFootball v Edgeborough U13A, U13C, U11B (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Edgeborough U11A, U13B, U10A, U10B, U10C (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Duke of Kent U13C, U13D (A)*
9.00am - 11.00amForms 5 and 6 Anglo Saxon Lecture
Thursday 28th September2.10pmForm 9 Lecture “Staying Safe Online”
2.30pmNetball v Boundary Oak U9A, U9B (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Edgeborough U9A, U9B, U9C (H)*
3.30pmForm 10 Lecture “Workplace Relationships”
5.30pmForm 4 Boarding Night
Friday 29th September4.30pmGolf v Royal (H)*
 2nd Exeat
7.15pmFOSE Cheese and Wine Tasting Evening*
Saturday 30th September Forms 7 and 8 Surrey Schools Relay Gala, Guildford Spectrum*
Week 5
Monday 2nd October1.45pmCross Country v Ripley Court U9, U11, U13 (A)*
Tuesday 3rd October8.35amForm 4R Assembly*
 Football and Netball House Matches
6.15pm - 8.00pmForm 7 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 4th October8.35amForm 7C Assembly*
9.00amOPRO Mouthguard Fitting
9.00am - 12.00pmForm 2 Walk Around the Devils Punchbowl
2.30pmNetball v Barrow Hills U13A, U13B, U11(A)*
2.30pmNetball v St. Hilary’s U11A, U11B, U11C (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Lanesborough U13A,U13B,U13C,U13D(A)*
2.30pmFootball v Lanesborough U11A, U11B, U11C, U11D, U11E, U11F (H)*
Thursday 5th October 1st Symbols
 2nd Cards
 Seniors at Work
2.10pm - 4.30pmForm 10 Cookery Workshop
2.30pmFootball v Lanesborough U9A, U9B, U9C, U9D, U9E, U9F (H)*
2.45pmNetball v Royal Junior U9/8A, U9/8B, U9/8C (H)*
Saturday 7th October10.00am - 12.00pmOpen Morning*
Week 6
Monday 9th October8.50amDivisional Debating Round 1
9.30am - 3.30pmForm 3 to Haslemere Museum
Tuesday 10th October8.35am9H Assembly*
9.00amReception to Form 2 Harvest Festival*
2.45pmNetball v Boundary Oak U14 (H)*
2.15pmFootball v Bedales U14, U15 (A)*
3.45pmFootball v Bohunt U16 (A)*
6.15pm - 8.00pmForm 9 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 11th October ABRSM Music Exams
8.35amForm 3C Assembly*
9.30amEYFS, Forms1 and 2 Zoolab Workshop
2.00pmNetball v Ripley Court/ Danesfield U11B (H)*
2.30pmNetball v Ripley Court U11C (H), U13A, U11A (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Ripley Court/ St Andrew’s U13A, U13B, U10A, U10B, U10C (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Ripley Court/St. Andrews U11A, U11B, U11C (H)*
6.30pmSenior Information Evening*
3.45pmX Country @ Priorsfield U13/12
Thursday 12th October8.35amForms 10 and 11 Progress Reports
8.50am - 3.30pmForm 11 Classics Controlled Assessment
2.00pmNetball v Longacre U9A (A)*
2.45pmNetball v Brookham U8A (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Ripley Court/St. Andrew’s U9A, U9B (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Ripley Court/St. Andrew’s U8A, U8B (A)*
2.10pm - 4.30pmForm 9 and 11 “Restart a Heart” Workshops
2.10pm - 4.30pmForm 10 Cookery Workshop
3.30pmForm 9 Lecture “The Role of the Police”
6.30pmChoral Concert
Friday 13th October3.30pm - 5.30pmFOSE Cake Sale
 Half Term Begins
Week 7
Monday 30th October8.30amFOSE Coffee Morning*
Tuesday 31st October3.30pmNetball v Bohunt 1st & 2nd (H)*
3.30pmNetball v Woolmer Hill 3rd (H)*
2.30pmFootball v KES U15 (H), U14 (A)*
6.15pm - 8.00pmReception and Form 3 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 1st November8.35amForm 8vO Assembly*
2.30pmNetball v Barrow Hills U13A, U11A, U11C (A)*
2.30pmNetball v Barfield U11B (H)*
4.30pmNetball v Royal Senior U13B, U13C (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Belmont U13B (H), U13A (A)*
3.45pmFootball v Churcher’s U10A, U10B, U10C, U10D (H)*
Thursday 2nd November 3rd Cards
2.30pmNetball v Barrow Hills U9A, U9B (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Alton Convent U9 (H)* U8 (A)*
3.30pmFootball v Churcher’s U8 (A)*
3.30pmForm 9 and 10 Lecture “The Cosmos and Beyond”
Friday 3rd November5.30pmFOSE Bonfire Night*
Saturday 4th November9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
9.30am - 1.00pmForm 10 and 11 Academic Workshops
Week 8
Tuesday 7th November8.35amForm 1 Assembly*
9.00amForm 9 to the Royal School of Artillery at Larkhill
2.45pmNetball v Duke of Kent 1st, 2nd, 3rd (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Charterhouse U14 U15, U15 U16 (A)*
4.30pmMusic Theory Exams
6.15pm - 8.00pmForm 5 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 8th November8.35amForm 6H Assembly*
2.30pmNetball v Highfield U11A, U11B (H)*
2.45pmNetball v Boundary Oak U13A, U11C (A)*
3.30pmNetball v Bohunt U13A, U13B (A)*
2.00pmFootball Tournament v Churcher’s U11 (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Great Ballard U11A, U11B (H), U13A (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Prebendal U13B, U13C (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Royal U11B, U11C, U11D (A)*
Thursday 9th November2.10pmForm 11 Lecture: “ How to Indentify and Access Help, Advice and Support”
2.30pmNetball v Barrow Hills U9A (A)*
2.30pmNetball v Alton Convent U9B (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Great Ballard/Royal U9A,U9B,U9C (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Royal U8A, U8B, U8C (A)*
Friday 10th November Remembrance Day Services Reception to Form 5
 Remembrance Day Service Forms 6 to 11 Preacher: Corporal Jamie Hall OSE
 3rd Exeat
Week 9
Tuesday 14th November8.35amForm 2 Assembly*
4.10pmNetball v Royal Senior 1st, 2nd (A)*
3.00pmFootball v Duke of Kent U16 (A)*
3.45pmFootball v Bohunt U15 (A)*
Wednesday 15th November8.35amForm 8D Assembly*
2.30pmGirls Divisional Sports
2.30pmRugby v Edgeborough U13B, U10A, U10B (H)*
2.30pmRugby v Edgeborough U13A, U11A, U11B (A)*
7.00pmForm 11 IGCSE Monologue Exams*
Thursday 16th November 4th Cards
2.10pmForm 9 Lecture “Working Together”
2.10pmForm 10 First Aid Workshop
2.30pmGirls Divisional Sports
2.30pmRugby v Edgeborough U8A, U8B (H)
2.30pmRugby v Edgeborough U9A, U9B, U9C (A)*
3.30pmForm 11 Lecture “The Role of the Police”
6.30pmSchool Music Concert*
Friday 17th November 11+ Taster Day
5.30pmGreat Escape Boarding Night
Saturday 18th November9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities Year 10 Sports Leaders
9.30am - 1.00pmForm 11 Academic Workshops
9.30am - 1.00pmForm 5 and 6 Bikeability Level 1
Week 10
Monday 20th November St. Edmund’s Day
Tuesday 21st November8.35amForm 9B Assembly*
2.45pmNetball v Ditcham U15, U14 (A)*
3.30pmNetball v Woolmer Hill U16 (A)*
2.40pmFootball v Boxhill U14 U15 (A)*
3.40pmFootball v Boxhill U15 U16 (A)*
6.15pm - 8.00pmForm 10 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 22nd November8.35amReception Assembly*
2.30pmNetball v Churcher’s U11A (H)*
2.45pmGirls Hockey v King Edwards U13 (A)*
3.30pmNetball v Churcher’s U11B, U11C (A)*
4.10pmNetball v Priorsfield U13A (A)*
2.30pmRugby v Barrow Hills U13A, U11C (H)*
2.30pmRugby v Barrow Hills U13B, U11A, U11B (A)*
Thursday 23rd November 2nd Symbols
2.00pm - 4.30pmForm 11 BizSchool Workshop
2.30pmNetball v Conifers U9C (H)*
2.45pmNetball v Churcher’s U9A, U9B (A)*
2.30pmRugby v Barrow Hills U9A, U9B, U9C (H)
2.30pmRugby v Barrow Hills U8A, U8B (A)*
3.30pmForm 10 Lecture “Importance of Tolerance”
5.30pmForm 6 Boarding Night
7.00pmForm 7 Performing Arts Showcase*
Friday 24th November3.15pmForm 5 to Form 8 Divisional Gala*
 4th Exeat
Week 11
  Exam Week - Forms 3 to 9
Monday 27th November3.30pm - 5.30pmFOSE Afternoon Tea*
Tuesday 28th November3.30pmNetball v Bohunt U15, U16 (A)*
3.30pmNetball v Woolmer Hill U14 (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Bedales U15 (H), U14 (A)*
2.30pmFootball v More House U16 (A)*
Wednesday 29th November2.00pmSt. Edmund’s Inter School Cross Country U10 to U13*
2.30pmRugby v Belmont U13A (H), U11A, U11B, U10A, U10B (A)*
Thursday 30th November 5th Cards
2.00pmSt. Edmund’s Inter School Cross Country U7 to U9*
2.30pmRugby v Belmont U9A, U9B (H), U8A, U8B (A)*
3.30pmForm 9 Workshop “Student Well Being”
Friday 1st December5.30pmSenior Boarding Night - Rock Climbing
Saturday 2nd December10.00am - 12.00pmFOSE Christmas Fair
Week 12
Monday 4th December8.30am - 12.30pmForm 11 Component 4 Art Assessment
Tuesday 5th December8.30am - 12.30pmForm 11 Component 4 Art Assessment
9.00amEYFS Nativity*
2.45pmNetball v Ditcham U15A, U15B (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Duke of Kent U14 (H), U15, U16 (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Boundary Oak U15 (A)*
4.10pmNetball v Priorsfield U16 (A)*
6.15pm - 8.00pmForm 8 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 6th December8.35amForm 6C Assembly*
2.10pmForm 8 Production “Treasure Island”
2.30pmHockey v Dunhurst U13A, U13B (H), U11A, U11B (A)*
2.30pmNetball v Boundary Oak U13C, U11C (A)*
2.30pmRugby v Boundary Oak U13A (H)*
2.30pmRugby v Boundary Oak U11A, U11B, U11C, U11D (A)*
2.30pmRugby v Pennthorpe U13A, U13B (A)*
7.00pmForm 8 Production “Treasure Island”*
Thursday 7th December2.10pmMusic Performance at Huntington House
2.30pmGirls Hockey v Barrow Hills U9 (H)*
2.45pmNetball v Brookham U8 (A)*
2.30pmRugby v Boundary Oak U8 (H), U9 (A)*
3.30pmSenior Lecture “Roles and Opportunities within the Armed Forces”
7.00pmForm 8 Production “Treasure Island”*
Friday 8th December2.00pmForms 1 to 4 Carol Service*
 5th Exeat
Sunday 10th December6.00pm“Christmas is Coming” Concert at St. Luke’s, Grayshott
Week 13
Monday 11th December8.50amDivisional Debating Final Forms 5 to 8
2.00pmEYFS Christmas Party
3.00pmForms 9 to 11 Carol Service*
Tuesday 12th December 6th Cards
3.00pmForms 5 to 8 Carol Service*
Wednesday 13th December12noonEnd of Term Nursery to Form 2
12.30pmEnd of Term Forms 3 to Form 11

Future Dates

LENT 2018

Term will start on Monday 8th January
11+ & 13+ Assessments Friday 12th January and Friday 19th January
Half Term from Friday 9th February to Monday 19th February
Saturday 24th February Open Morning
Term Ends Friday 23rd March


Term will start on Thursday 19th April
Saturday 19th May Open Morning
Half Term from Friday 25th May to Monday 4th June
Term Ends Saturday 7th July


Term will start on Thursday 6th September
Open Morning Saturday 6th October
Half Term from Friday 12th October to Monday 29th October
Term Ends Friday 7th December