Calendar - Summer 2017

Week 1
Wednesday 19th April1.00pm - 4.00pmStevenson’s Pop Up Uniform Shop*
Thursday 20th April8.30amPupils return
9.00amParents’ Golf Morning* (every Thursday thereafter)
3.30pmForm 10 Lecture - Managing Stress
Week 2
Monday 24th April6.00pmForms 8 and 9 Norway Expedition 2018 Information Evening*
Tuesday 25th April2.30pmCricket v KES U15 (H), U14 (A)*
2.30pmRounders v KES U15 (A)*
6.00pmForm 9 STEM Presentation Evening
6.15pm - 8.00pmForm 3 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 26th April9.00amWhole School Photograph
2.30pmCricket v Ripley Court U13B, U11A, U11C (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Ripley Court U13A, U11B, U11D (A)*
2.30pmRounders v Ripley Court U13A & U11A (A)*
2.30pmRounders v Ripley Court U11B & U11C (H)*
Thursday 27th April8.30am - 12.40pmForm 10 Practice RS and ICT Exams
2.30pmCricket v Ripley Court U9A, U9B (H), U8A, U8B (A)*
2.30pmRounders v Ripley Court U9A, U9B (H), U9C (A)*
5.30pmForm 3 Boarding Night
Friday 28th April Form 10 IGCSE French Study Day - BFI, Southbank, London
5.30pm1st Exeat
Week 3
Monday 1st May Bank Holiday - School Closed
Tuesday 2nd May8.30am - 9.30amFOSE Coffee Morning for All Parents*
8.35amForms 1P and 1S Assembly*
2.30pmCricket v Royal School U15/14 (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Boundary Oak U14 (A)*
3.30pmRounders v Duke of Kent U15 (H)*
6.15pm - 8.00pmForm 5 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 3rd May8.35amForm 7Da Assembly*
2.30pmCricket v Barrow Hills U13B (H), U13A, U13C (A)*
2.30pmCricket v Churcher’s U11A (H), U11B (A)*
2.30pmCricket v Danesfield U11C (H)*
3.30pmCricket v Churcher’s U10A (A)*
2.00pmRounders v Danesfield U11C (H)*
2.45pmRounders v Dunhurst U13A,U13B (H)*
2.45pmRounders v Dunhurst U11A, U11B (A)*
Thursday 4th May t Cards
10.30am - 7.30pmForm 8 to “Romeo and Juliet” at The Globe Theatre, London
9.00amForm 10 IGCSE Spanish Study Day at BFI, Southbank, London
2.30pmCricket v Danesfield U9 (H)*
2.00pmRounders v Danesfield U9A (H)*
5.30pmForm 9 Boarding Night
6.30pmChairman of Governors’ Forum, Meeting and Dinner
Friday 5th May5.00am - 10.30pmForm 9 to the Somme Battlefields
Saturday 6th May9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
9.30am - 1.00pmForm 10 and 11 Academic Workshops
Week 4
Monday 8th May9.00am - 3.00pmForm 4 Trip to the Victorian School
9.00am - 5.30pmForm 10 IGCSE Art Trip
Tuesday 9th May8.35amForm 2 Assembly*
8.50amForm 2 Parents’ Next Step Up Tour*
2.10pmForm 9 Performance “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
2.00pm - 4.00pmAthletics Pentathlon at Barrow Hills U9, U11 & U13 (A)*
2.30pmWaverley Athletics U14/15 (A)*
2.30pmCricket v KES U14/15 (A)*
3.30pmRounders v Duke of Kent U15 (A)*
4.40pmGirls Swimming Gala v St. Ives U9 - U11 (H)*
7.45pmForm 9 Production “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”*
Wednesday 10th May8.35amForm 7Dr Assembly*
8.50amSenior School Council Meeting
2.00pmNetball Invitation for Local Schools U11 (H)*
2.30pmCricket v St. Andrew’s U13A, U11B, U11C (H)*
2.30pmCricket v St. Andrew’s UU13B, U11A (A)*
3.45pmRounders v Royal Junior U11C & U10A (A)*
3.45pmRounders v Woolmer Hill U12 (A)*
7.45pmForm 9 Production “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”*
Thursday 11th May IAPS Subject Seminar
8.30amForm 4 Parents’ Next Step Up Tour*
 Nursery 1 Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle Walk for Save the Children
2.00pmSt. Edmund’s U9 Cricket Tournament*
2.30pmCricket v Lanesborough U8A, U8B (A)*
2.30pmDivisional Rounders U9
5.30pmForm 6 Boarding Night
Friday 12th May8.50am - 1.10pmForm 8 Habitat Studies Day
4.30pmGolf v Royal (H)*
5.30pm2nd Exeat
Saturday 13th May IAPS Judo Congress for Boys 8 - 9 Years
Week 5
  Form 8 Mental Maths, French & Spanish Speaking & Listening Exams
Monday 15th May4.15pmSwimming Gala v Highfield U9 to U13 (A)*
Tuesday 16th May8.35amForms 3A and 3C Assembly*
9.15amNursery to Form 1 Perform Drama Workshop
12.30pmChapel Service Preacher: Keith Budge, Esq., M.A., P.G.C.E.(Oxford) Headmaster: Bedales Schools
2.30pmRounders v Frensham U15 (A)*
6.15pm - 8.00pmForm 7 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 17th May8.30amForm 10 GCSE ICT Exam
8.35am6Ca Assembly*
2.30pmDivisional Cricket U11 & U13
2.30pmRounders v Highfield U11B (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Conifers U11A (A)*
3.45pmRounders v Bohunt U13B (H)*
4.00pmRounders v KES U13A (A)*
Thursday 18th May 1st Symbols
 2nd Cards
 Seniors at Work
2.10pmForm 9B Cookery Workshop
2.30pmDivisional Cricket U8 & U9
2.30pmRounders v Conifers U9B (H)*
3.45pmRounders v Royal Junior U9A,U9C (A)*
Friday 19th May5.30pm“Hogwarts” Boarding Night
Saturday 20th May10.00am - 12.00pmOpen Morning*
Sunday 21st May6.00pmChapel and Chamber Choirs Sing Evensong at St. Luke’s, Grayshott
Week 6
Monday 22nd May Field Events
Tuesday 23rd May8.30amForm 10 GCSE RS
8.35amForm 4T Assembly*
2.30pmCricket v More House U14/15 (H)*
4.30pmTennis v Highfield U11 (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Woolmer Hill U15 (H)*
5.45pmForm 10 Future Schools Talk*
6.15pm - 8.00pmForm 10 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 24th May8.35am6Ch Assembly*
 ABRSM Music Exams
2.30pmCricket v Great Ballard U13A (A)*
2.30pmCricket v Belmont U13C, U11A, U11B (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Belmont U13B, U11C, U11D (A)*
2.30pmRounders v Highfield U13 & U12 (A)*
2.30pmRounders v Kingscourt U11A & U11B (A)*
3.45pmRounders v Woolmer Hill U13 (H)*
2.30pmQuad Kids U11 (A)
Thursday 25th May Form 9 Progress Reports
2.10pmForm 9H Cookery Workshop
2.30pmCricket v Lanesborough U8 (H)*
2.30pmSt. Edmund’s Interschool Quad Kids U9/U8*
6.30pmCommunity Concert*
Friday 26th May 143rd Annual Prep School Sports Day
12.00noonForms 1 to 4*
2.00pmForms 5 to 8*
4.30pmHalf Term Starts
Week 7
 Common Entrance
Monday 5th June9.00am - 4.30pmForm 5 to Hampton Court Palace
Tuesday 6th June Common Entrance Examinations to Friday
2.30pmCricket v Ditcham Park U14/15 (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Frensham U15 (H)*
3.15pmRounders v Ditcham Park U15 (H)*
Wednesday 7th June2.30pmCricket v Seaford U13B, U11B, U11C (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Seaford U13A, U13C, U11A (A)*
2.30pmRounders v KES U13A (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Churcher’s U11A (H)*
3.30pmRounders v Churcher’s U10A (A)*
Thursday 8th June 3rd Cards
12.30pmChapel Service Preacher: Chris Jones, Esq., M.A. (Oxford) Deputy Head (Pastoral): Churcher’s College
2.30pmRounders v Barrow Hills U9A & U9B (H)*
Friday 9th June12noonHeads’ Golf Day
2.00pmDivisional Swimming Gala Forms 1 to 2*
3.15pmDivisional Swimming Gala Forms 3 to 4*
5.30pmForms 5 and 6 Girls’ Boarding Night
Saturday 10th June9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities and Uniform Sale
9.30am - 1.00pmForms 10 and 11 Academic Workshops
11.00amParents’ and Pupils’ Golf Final*
Week 8
Monday 12th June9.30am - 4.30pmForm 4 Trip to Wisley RHS Gardens
3.30pm - 5.30pmFOSE Afternoon Tea for All Parents*
3.00pmGovernors’ Resources and Infrastructure Committee
5.00pmGovernors’ Finance and Remuneration Committee
Tuesday 13th June8.35amForm 4R Assembly*
10.00amGirls West Surrey Athletics U9, U10,U11 & U12 (A)*
12.30pmChapel Service Preacher: Ben Goad, Esq., BSc Deputy Head (Academic): Portsmouth Grammar School
2.30pmCricket v DOK U14 (H)*
3.00pmCricket v DOK U15 (A)*
2.30pmRounders v KES U15 (H)*
Wednesday 14th June8.35amLAMDA Showcase Assembly*
2.00pmCricket v Barrow Hills U11B (H), U11A, U11C (A)*
2.30pmCricket v Edgeborough U13C (H)*
2.10pmU13 Divisional 6s Cricket
2.30pmRounders v Frensham Heights U13A & U13B (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Dunhurst U11A & U11B (A)*
Thursday 15th June 2nd Symbols
 LAMDA Exams
9.00am - 3.15pmForm 1 to Queen Elizabeth Country Park
2.30pmCricket v Barrow Hills U9B, U9D (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Barrow Hills U9A, U9C, U9E (A)*
2.30pmRounders v Churcher’s U9B (H)*
3.30pmRounders v Churcher’s U9A (A)*
Friday 16th June LAMDA Exams
2.00pmEYFS Sports Day
5.30pm3rd Exeat
Saturday 17th June9.30amMusic Theory Exams
9.30am - 1.00pmStaff v Parents’ Ryder Cup 2017*
Sunday 18th June11.30amForm 8 Residential Trip to Letton Hall, Norfolk
Week 9
 Exam Week
Tuesday 20th June2.10pmHouse Cricket U14/15
4.15pmRounders v Royal Senior U15 (A)*
Wednesday 21st June2.30pmCricket v Highfield U12B, U12C (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Highfield U12A, U11A, U11B, U11C (A)*
2.30pmRounders v Dunhurst U12A (A)*
2.30pmSt. Edmund’s Inter School Quad Kids U11 (H)*
Thursday 22nd June 4th Cards
2.30pmCricket v Belmont U9B (H), U9A (A)*
2.30pmCricket v DOK U8 (A)*
2.30pmRounders v Conifers U9A (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Kingscourt U9B (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Frensham Heights (A)*
Friday 23rd June Orientation Day
4.00pmForm 8 Return from Letton Hall Residential Trip
5.30pmThe Great Escape Boarding Night
Saturday 24th June9.30am - 1.30pmSaturday Activities
9.30am - 1.00pmBronze & Silver D of E Assessment Planning
9.00am - 11.00amSt. Edmund’s Tennis Open Forms 4 to 6*
11.00am - 1.00pmSt. Edmund’s Tennis Open Forms 7 and 8*
1.00pm - 3.30pmFOSE Summer Fete*
Week 10
Monday 26th June Bronze D of E Assessment Departs
9.00am - 4.30pmForm 9 Geography Field Trip to West Wittering
2.00pmQuad Kids U9 (A)
2.10pmDivisional Gala Forms 5 to 8*
3.30pmGovernors’ Welfare and Education Committee
4.30pmGovernors’ Board Meeting
6.15pmAnnual Staff and Governors’ Reception
Tuesday 27th June8.35amForm 6H Assembly*
1.00pm - 4.00pmStevenson’s Pop-Up Shop*
3.15pmSummer Tea Concert at Moorlands Lodge
2.10pmForms 3 and 4 Production “Peter Pan”
2.30pmHouse Challenges
2.30pmRounders v Woolmer Hill U15 (H)*
3.30pmRounders v Duke of Kent U15 (A)*
6.30pmForms 3 and 4 Production “Peter Pan”*
 Bronze D of E Assessment Returns
Wednesday 28th June8.35amReception Assembly*
2.00pmDitcham Park Rounders Tournament U11A & U10A (A)*
2.30pmCricket v Lanesborough U11A, U11B, U11C, U11D (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Lanesborough U13A, U13B, U13C (A)*
3.45pmRounders v Bohunt U13A, U13B (H)*
 Silver D of E Assessments Departs
6.30pmForms 3 and 4 Production “Peter Pan”*
Thursday 29th June2.00pmDunhurst Quad Kids U11 & U10 (A)
2.30pmCricket v Edgeborough U9A, U9B (H), U9C, U9D (A)*
6.30pmSummer Concert*
2.45pmNetball v Danesfield U8 & U9
Friday 30th June Orientation Day
 Silver D of E Assessment Returns
9.00amForm 10 - Geography Field Trip to Devon
9.15am - 3.15pmForm 2 to the Witley Centre
3.30pmDivisional Golf and St. Edmund’s Open
3.30pm - 5.30pmFOSE Cake Sales*
5.30pm4th Exeat
Week 11
Monday 3rd July Sports Photos - Forms 3 to 10
8.30am - 9.30amFOSE Coffee Morning for All Parents*
4.30pmForm 10 Geography Field Trip Returns
Tuesday 4th July8.15am - 5.30pmForm 6 to Harry Potter Studio Tour
9.00am - 4.00pmForm 3 to Butser Ancient Farm
1.30pmSenior School Sports Day
Wednesday 5th July 5th Cards
9.00amReception to Form 2 Music Concert*
 Divisional It’s a Knockout
Thursday 6th July11.00amChapel Service for Leavers in Forms 3 to 7
2.30pmForms 3 and 4 Divisional Sports with Senior Sports Leaders
3.00pmForm 8 Parents’ and Pupils’ Rounders*
5.30pmForm 8 Boarding Night
Friday 7th July11.30am - 12.30pmSenior School Speech Day Forms 9 to 11
12.30pm - 1.00pmFarewell Drinks & Canapes
1.00pmEnd of Term for Forms 9, 10 and 11
3.15pmEnd of Term for Reception to Form 2
Saturday 8th July10.00amForm 8 Chapel Service
11.00am - 12.30pmForms 3 to 8 Speech Day & End of Term*
Sunday 9th July Sports Tour leaves to Portugal
Thursday 13th July Sports Tour returns

Future Dates


Term will start on Thursday 7th September
Thursday 5th October Seniors at work
Saturday 7th October Open Morning
Half Term from Friday 13th October to Monday 30th October
Term Ends Wednesday 13th December

LENT 2018

Term will start on Monday 8th January
Saturday 24th February Open Morning
Half Term from Friday 9th February to Monday 19th February
Term Ends Friday 23rd March