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Today’s boarding cohort comprises of Flexi Boarders, who may stay an occasional night when their parents choose, or perhaps opt for a couple of regular mid-week nights. The emphasis is entirely on leaving parents and children free to choose.

For our Flexi Boarders, once prep is over, a convivial hum of Playstations, table football and DVDs rises up in the boarders’ common room. The children unwind and relax as they would at home, with birthdays, pancake days, Halloween and all those other crucial days in the calendar suitably celebrated. On special Year group evenings, there are chocolate fondues and trips out to the cinema or to Guildford. Just before bedtime, there’s milk or hot chocolate and biscuits, and a quiet time to read and wind down.

Themed Boarding Nights

It was during the course of finding ways to make boarding different and fun that St. Ed’s hit upon a hugely popular idea: the now legendary themed boarding nights. Each follows a theme, including Hogwarts, Super Heroes, The Great Escape, Theatre Night and Dr. Who to name just a few. Such is their popularity that they are well oversubscribed (and, for Grayshott’s better take-aways, Christmas now comes but three times a year…).