Little Ed's

Fun for Free

Our “Fun for Free” sessions take place each week day between 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm and prove to be highly popular amongst our Lower Prep children. A host of different activities certainly make the afternoons fun for our children and for our parents, it’s free – everyone is happy!







“Fun in the Sun”
Outside Activities



Story Discovery


“Sing It”
Music Club


“Be Creative”
Art and Craft


“Let’s be Active”
Sport of all Sorts

*Jackanory Story Discovery is not just about stimulating an interest in reading. Once the children have had the chosen story read to them, they learn about and discover certain aspects of the story, whether it is an animal, a place, a person, and the children can then draw and create their own versions of the story.

NB: During the lighter warmer months, our ‘Jackanory’ and ‘Be Creative’ sessions move outside of the classroom and into our school grounds and woods.