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ISI Report 2018

A team from the Independent Schools Inspectorate visited St. Ed’s in January. They conducted a Regulatory Compliance Inspection and the results of their time with us can be read in full by click the below link.

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ISI Report 2014 – A synopsis

A team from the Independent Schools Inspectorate visited St. Ed’s in late January. The results of their time with us can be read in full by pressing the ISI Report link at the bottom of this page, however, for those who enjoy a synopsis before committing to a 22 page read, the highlights from the report are:

The quality of Academic and Other Achievements (all categories):

  • The quality of the pupils’ achievements and learning is Excellent
  • The contribution of curricular and extra-curricular provision is Excellent
  • The contribution of teaching is Excellent

The quality of the Pupils’ Personal Development (all categories):

  • The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils is Exellent
  • The contribution of arrangements for social care is Excellent
  • The contribution of arrangements for welfare, health and safety is Excellent
  • The contribution of boarding is Excellent

The success of the school, Main Findings:

  • Pupils are confident and independent with particularly well-developed skills in a range of subjects.
  • The pupil’s personal development throughout the school, including the EYFS, is Excellent.
  • The care and welfare of pupils is a strength of the school.

Since the last inspection in 2009 staff have worked hard in all areas to improve the experience for the children who, ultimately, are our motivation. The school was particularly pleased to read the following extracts which are a fitting testament to the quality and passion shown by our teachers:

… “pupils make a high rate of progress in relation to others of similar ability. Pupils with SEND make excellent progress and achieve as well as their peers … the progress of those identified as academically able is high”.

… “regular and effective reviewing of the curriculum, through the academic committee, ensures that planning is effective and in line with pupils’ needs.”

… “small class sizes enable teachers to give pupils individual feedback and support as the lesson is progressing and helps the pupils to move their learning forward”.

… “the pupils’ achieve high standards in sport and excellent levels of creativity are evident from the outstanding artwork displays to the high standard of music that is a strong feature throughout the school.”

… “the curriculum is supported by an excellent range of extra-curricular activities, fulfilling the school’s aim to develop the pupils’ individual talents”.

The school must also pay tribute to the children for their fantastic contribution to our community at St. Ed’s. This did not go unnoticed by the inspectors:

… “Pupils have positive attitudes to learning and they are well motivated. They show exemplary behaviour and their care for each other is special”.

… “the pupils are proud of their school and willingly accept the responsibilities available to them … “

… “relationships amongst pupils, and between pupils and staff, are excellent with high levels of respect, understanding and regard for each other”.

In conclusion, the inspectors wrote:

… “good governance throughout the school ensures that pupils are well educated and the school effectively meets its aims. Leadership of the school is strong and collaborative management style supports the pupils’ excellent achievement and personal development”.

The inspection findings confirm independently the quality of the provision that St. Ed’s makes for the children and we remain as determined as ever to continue to improve the distinctive St. Ed’s experience.

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