Calendar - Lent 2021

Week 1
Thursday 7th January Term Starts
Friday 8th Januray Form 11 Exams Start
Week 2
  Form 10 Exams all week
 Form 11 Exams all week
Monday 11th Januray Forms 10 Exams start
Tuesday 12th Januray Senior School Matches
Wednesday 12th January Prep School Matches
Thursday 14th January Lower School Matches
Friday 15th January Form 10 Exams end
16.30-20.30Form 6 Activity Night
Saturday 16th January09.30-13.00Saturday Activities, No Senior Academic Workshops
Week 3
 Form 11 Exams all week
Monday 18th January08.35-08.50Form 7LR Assembly
16.45-1800Forms 9 & 10 DofE Information Evening – via Zoom
Tuesday 19th January Senior School Matches
18.30-20.00Form 6 Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 20th January08.35-08.50Form 8VOS Assembly
 Prep School Matches
Thursday 21st Januray 1st Cards
08.35-08.50Form 4T Assembly
 Lower School Matches
14.10-16.30Forms 5 to 8 – 1st Boats Event
Friday 22nd January Form 11 Exams end
Week 4
Monday 25th January Form 10 RS Practice Exam
08.35-08.50Form 9F Assembly
Tuesday 26th January08.35-08.50Form 7BM Assembly
 Senior School Matches
Wednesday 27th January08.35-08.50Form 10C Assembly
 Prep School Matches
Thursday 28th January 1st Symbols
08.35-08.50Form 11 Assembly
 Lower School Matches
Friday 29th January08.35-08.50Form 8CW Assembly
Week 5
Monday 1st February08.35-08.50Form 9G Assembly
16.30Form 11 Practice Exam Results released
Tuesday 2nd February08.35-08.50Form 6MW Assembly
 Senior School Matches
18.30-20.00Forms 1 & 2 Parents’ Evening
18.30-20.00Form 11 Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 3rd February08.35-08.50Form 10 Assembly
 Prep School Matches
 Forms 10 & 11 Intermediate UK Maths Challenge
Thursday 4th February 2nd Cards
08.35-08.50Form 4R Assembly
08.35-08.50Form 11 Assembly
 Lower School Matches
 Senior Music Competition
Friday 5th February08.35-08.50Form 5K Assembly
Saturday 6th February09.30-12.30Open Morning
Week 6
Monday 8th February08.35-08.50Form 9BM Assembly
09.30-16.30Form 4 Trip Fishbourne Roman Palace
Tuesday 9th February08.35-08.50Form 7DP Assembly
 Senior School Matches
18.30-20.00Form 4 Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 10th February08.35-08.50Form 10MP Assembly
 Prep School Matches
Thursday 11th February08.35-08.50Form 11Assembly
 Lower School Matches
15.30-16.30Senior Debating Round 1
Friday 12th February08.35-08.50Form 8HL Assembly
08.50-10.50Poetry Recital Final
14.30-16.30Reception to Form 11 Cross Country
16.30Half Term Begins
Week 7
Monday 22nd February08.35-08.50Form 9 Assembly
Tuesday 23rd February Shrove Tuesday Pancake Races
 Form 9 Final School Booster
08.35-08.50Form 6NP Assembly
 Senior School Matches
Wednesday 24th February08.35-08.50Form 10 Assembly
 Prep School Matches
Thursday 25th February 3rd Cards
08.35-08.50Form 3A Assembly
08.35-08.50Form 11 Assembly
 Lower School Matches
14.10-16.30Forms 5 to 8 – 2nd Boats Event
18.30-20.00Forms 5 to 8 Instrumental Concert (virtual)
Friday 26th February08.35-08.50Form 5 Assembly
16.30-20.30Form 8 Activity Night
Saturday 27th February09.30-13.00Saturday Activities
09.30-13.00Forms 10 & 11 Senior Academic Workshops
Week 8
Monday 1st March Form 7 French Trip Departs
08.35-08.50Form 9AM Assembly
09.00-17.30Form 10 Classics Trip to British & V&A Museums - TBC
Tuesday 2nd March08.35-08.50Form 7DG Assembly
 Senior School Matches
Wednesday 3rd March08.35-08.50Form 10BH Assembly
 Prep School Matches
Thursday 4th March World Book Day
 2nd Symbols
08.35-08.50Form 3C Assembly
08.35-08.50Form 11 Assembly
13.10-16.30Form 6 Trip to The Chemistry Spectacular at Wellington College
 Lower School Matches
 Forms 3 & 4 Music Concert (virtual)
Friday 5th March Form 7 French Trip Returns
08.35-08.50Form 8GN Assembly
16.30-20.30Form 10 Activity Night
Week 9
 Form 8 Exams
Monday 8th March Form 8 Exams start
 Form 7 English & Maths Exams
08.35-08.50Form 9 Assembly
15.00Governors’ Resources Committee Meeting
Tuesday 9th March08.35-08.50Form 6H Assembly
 Senior School Matches
17.45-18.15Form 9 GCSE Talk for Parents and Pupils
18.15-20.00Form 9 GCSE Options Evening
Wednesday 10th March08.35-08.50Form 10 Assembly
 Prep School Matches
14.10-16.30Forms 7 & 8 Girls’ Football Tournament
Thursday 11th March 4th Cards
 Form 8 Exams end
08.35-08.50Form 11 Assembly
 Lower School Matches
Friday 12th March Sport Relief Colour Run
08.35-08.50Form 5VO Assembly
16.30-20.30Form 9 Activity Night
Saturday 13th March09.30-13.00Saturday Activities
09.30-13.00Form 11 Senior Academic Workshops
09.30-13.00Form 10 Sports Leaders Assessment
09.00-16.00Form 9 Bronze DofE training
Week 10
Monday 15th March08.35-08.50Form 9 Assembly
09.00-15.15Form 1 Trip to Weald & Downland Museum
Tuesday 16th March08.35-08.50Form 7 Assembly
 Senior School Matches
Wednesday 17th March08.35-08.50Form 10 Assembly
 Prep School Matches
18.30-20.00Forms 5 to 11 Choral Concert (virtual)
Thursday 18th March08.35-08.50Form 11 Assembly
 Lower School Matches
 Senior Production (TBA)
Friday 19th March08.35-08.50Form 8 Assembly
 Senior Production (TBA)
Week 11
Monday 22nd March08.35-08.50Form 9 Assembly
15.30Governors’ Welfare & Education Committee Meeting
17.30Governors’ Board Meeting
Tuesday 23rd March08.50-13.10Divisional Party
 Senior School Matches
Wednesday 24th March Prep School Matches
14.10-16.30Forms 5 & 6 Cricket Taster Sessions from Grayshott Cricket Club
18.30-20.00Forms 7 to 11 Music Scholars Concert (virtual)
Thursday 25th March 5th Cards
 Lower School Matches
14.10-16.30Forms 3 & 4 Cricket Taster Sessions from Grayshott Cricket Club
15.30-16.30Senior Debating Final
Friday 26th March10.30-12.30Forms 5 to 8 - Final Boats Event
12.00End of Term – Nursery to Form 2
12.30End of Term – Forms 3 to 11

Future Dates

Summer 2021*

Term Starts: Thursday 22 April
Half Term: Friday 28 May to Monday 7 June
Term Ends: Saturday 10 July

* These are the term dates we have set for next year. We recognise that staff and parents will want to use these dates in their planning. Should the current pandemic crisis require any changes to these term dates we will endeavour to give maximum notice to all concerned.