Calendar - Lent 2022

Week 1
Thursday 6th January School returns
 Form 11 Exams Start
Week 2
  Forms 10 & 11 Exams
Monday 10th Januray Form 10 Exams Start
Tuesday 11th January08.45-16.0013+ Taster & Assessment Day
 Senior School Matches*
Wednesday 12th January Prep School Matches*
Thursday 13th January Lower School Matches*
19.00-21.00FOSE AGM*
Friday 14th January Form 10 Exams End
17.30-21.00Form 10 Activity Evening
Saturday 15th January09.30-13.00Saturday Activities
 No Senior Academic Workshops
Week 3
 Form 11 Exams
Tuesday 18th January Senior School Matches*
17.00Forms 9 & 10 DofE Information Evening
18.15-20.00Forms 1 & 2 Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 19th January Prep School Matches*
Thursday 20th January 1st Cards
 Lower School Matches*
15.30-16.30Senior Debating Round 1
Friday 21st January08.50-16.30Form 10 History Trip to The Imperial War
 Form 11 Exams End
Week 4
 11+ and 13+ Scholarship Week
Monday 24th January16.40-17.30U8 - U11 Swimming Gala v St Ives (H)*
Tuesday 25th January Senior School Matches*
18.15-20.00Form 6 Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 26th January Prep School Matches*
16.30-23.15Forms 10 & 11 IGCSE Trip to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, Mayflower Theatre, Southampton
Thursday 27th January 1st Symbols
 Forms 7 & 8 Learning Performance workshops
 Lower School Matches*
Friday 28th January17.30-21.00Form 11 Activity Evening
Saturday 29th January09.30-13.00Saturday Activities
09.30-13.00Forms 10 & 11 Senior Academic Workshops
Week 5
Monday 31st January15.30-16.30Forms 3 & 4 Music Concert*
Tuesday 1st February09.00-16.30Form 4 Trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace
 Senior School Matches*
18.15-20.00Form 11 Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 2nd February Prep School Matches*
Thursday 3rd February 2nd Cards
 Lower School Matches*
14.10-16.30Forms 5 to 8 – 1st Boats Event
17.30-20.00Form 5 Activity Evening
Saturday 5th February09.30-12.30Open Morning (timings for pupils)
10.00-12.00Open Morning*
Week 6
Tuesday 8th February08.50-10.50Poetry Recital Final
13.10-16.30Forms 7 to 11 Production: Oliver - performance to Forms 7 & 8
 Senior School Matches*
18.15-20.00Form 4 Parents’ Evening
19.00-21.30Forms 7 to 11 Production: Oliver*
Wednesday 9th February Prep School Matches*
19.00-21.30Forms 7 to 11 Production: Oliver*
Thursday 10th February Form 8 HPV vaccinations
 Form 8 Learning Performance Workshop
 Lower School Matches*
19.00-21.30Forms 7 to 11 Production: Oliver*
Friday 11th February2.30pmCross Country Reception
2.40pmCross Country Forms 1 & 2
2.55pmCross Country Forms 3 & 4
3.10pmCross Country Form 5
3.25pmCross Country Form 6
3.40pmCross Country Form 7
3.55pmCross Country Form 8
4.10pmCross Country Forms 9 to 11
16.30Half Term Begins
Week 7
Monday 21st February08.45-12.40Form 3 Trip to Shah Jahan Mosque
Tuesday 22nd February Senior School Matches*
18.15-20.00Form 3 Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 23rd February Prep School Matches*
18.00-20.00Form 9 Options Talk to Parents*
Thursday 24th February 3rd Cards
09.30-11.30Reception to Form 4 Open Morning*
 Lower School Matches*
18.30-20.00Forms 5 to 8 Instrumental Concert*
Friday 25th February17.30-21.30Forms 8 to 11 Great Escape Activity Evening
Saturday 26th February Godalming Festival, Priorsfield School
09.30-13.00Saturday Activities
09.30-13.00Forms 10 & 11 Senior Academic Workshops
Sunday 27th February Godalming Festival, Priorsfield School
Week 8
Monday 28th February Form 7 French Trip Departs
Tuesday 1st March08.30-10.30Senior School Talk and Tour for Parents in Forms 6 to 8*
 Senior School Matches*
18.15-20.00Form 9 Options Evening
Wednesday 2nd March Prep School Matches*
Thursday 3rd March 2nd Symbols
 World Book Day
14.10-16.30Senior House Music Competition
 Lower School Matches*
Friday 4th March Form 7 French Trip Returns
Saturday 5th March Godalming Festival, Priorsfield School
Sunday 6th March Godalming Festival, Priorsfield School
Week 9
 Form 8 Exams, Form 7 English & Maths Exams
Monday 7th March Sports Photos
15.00-16.30Governors’ Resources Committee Meeting
Tuesday 8th March Senior School Matches*
Wednesday 9th March Prep School Matches*
Thursday 10th March 4th Cards
 Lower School Matches*
15.30-16.30Senior Debating Final Round
Friday 11th March14.10-16.30Forms 5 to 8 – 2nd Boats Event
17.30-21.30Forms 3 to 6 Great Escape Activity Evening
Saturday 12th March09.30-13.00Saturday Activities
09.30-13.00Forms 10 & 11 Senior Academic Workshops
14.30Service of Thanksgiving for Tony Pull (Headmaster 1979-91) at St. Luke’s Church, Grayshott
Week 10
Monday 14th March09.00-15.45Form 4 Trip to Goodwood Farm
16.00-18.30U11 to U13 IAPS Swimming at Cranleigh School
Tuesday 15th March09.00-15.30Form 1 Trip to Weald and Downland Museum
 Senior School Matches*
18.15-20.00Form 8 Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 16th March Prep School Matches*
Thursday 17th March Form 10 Learning Performance Workshop
 Lower School Matches*
17.30-20.00Form 7 Activity Evening
19.00-20.00Form 10 IGCSE Drama Group Text Performance of ‘The Crucible’
Saturday 19th March18.00-23.55FOSE Spring Ball*
Sunday 20th March Forms 9 & 10 Spanish Trip Departs
Week 11
Monday 21st March09.00-15.15Form 2 Trip to Windsor Castle
16.00-17.30U9-U11 Swimming Gala v Highfield (A)*
15.00Governors’ Welfare & Education Committee Meeting
16.00Governors’ AGM
16.30Governors’ Board Meeting
 Forms 3 & 4 Ancient Greece Workshop
Tuesday 22nd March09.00-12.00Nursery to Form 2 Mill Cottage Farm Visit
 Senior School Matches*
Wednesday 23rd March Prep School Matches*
Thursday 24th March 5th Cards
 Forms 9 & 10 Spanish Trip Returns
 EYFS Easter Egg Hunt
 Lower School Matches*
19.00-20.00Forms 5 to 8 Performing Arts Showcase*
Friday 25th March10.30-12.30Forms 5 to 8 - Final Boats Event
12.00Nursery to Form 4 - End of Term
12.30Forms 9 to 11 - End of Term
13.00Forms 5 to 8 - End of Term

Future Dates

Summer 2022

Term Starts: Thursday 21 April
Open Morning: Saturday 21st May
Half Term: Monday 30 May to Friday 3 June (inclusive)
Term Ends: Thursday 7th and Friday 8th July

Michaelmas 2022

Term Starts: Thursday 8 September
Open Morning: Saturday 1 October
Half Term: Monday 17 to 28 October (inclusive)
Term Ends: Friday 9 December