Calendar - Michaelmas 2021

Week 1
Monday 6th September Forms 5 & 7 Induction Day
Tuesday 7th September Senior School Matches *
Wednesday 8th September Prep School Matches *
19.00-21.00Lower School Parents’ Social Evening *
Thursday 9th September14.10-15.10Form 8 Induction Lecture
 Lower School Matches *
19.00-21.00Form 9 Parents’ Social Evening *
Friday 10th September17.30-20.00Form 7 Activity Night
Saturday 11th September09.30-13.00Saturday Activities
09.30-13.00Forms 10 & 11 Senior Academic Workshops
Week 2
Monday 13th September09.00-16.30Form 4 Trip to Gilbert White Field Studies Centre
Tuesday 14th September Senior School Matches *
Wednesday 15th September Prep School Matches *
19.00-21.00Forms 5 & 6 Parents’ Social Evening *
Thursday 16th September 1st Cards
11.15-16.30Form 9 Trip to RMA Sandhurst
 Lower School Matches *
18.00-18.30Form 7 French Trip Information Evening (By zoom)
Friday 17th September Form 10 Bronze DofE departs
 Form 11 Silver DofE departs
Sunday 19th September Form 10 Bronze DofE returns
 Form 11 Silver DofE returns
Week 3
Monday 20th September08.30-16.30Form 8 Geography Field Trip to West Wittering
Tuesday 21st September Senior School Matches *
Wednesday 22nd September08.30-08.50Form 5VO Assembly*
 Prep School Matches *
19.00-21.00Forms 7 & 8 Parents’ Social Evening *
Thursday 23rd September Lower School Matches *
13.10-16.30Forms 9 to 11 Sexplain Workshops
18.00-18.45Forms 7 to 10 Sports Tour Information Evening (via Zoom)
Friday 24th September08.30-08.50Form 4T Assembly*
16.30-19.30Form 3 Activity Night
Saturday 25th September09.30-13.00Saturday Activities
09.30-13.00Forms 10 & 11 Senior Academic Workshops
Week 4
Tuesday 28th September08.30-08.50Form 9VS Assembly*
09.00-14.00Form 2 Trip to The Devil’s Punchbowl
 Senior School Matches *
18.15-20.00Form 7 Parents’ Evening (Virtual)
Wednesday 29th September08.30-08.50Form 8LG Assembly*
 Prep School Matches *
Thursday 30th September 1st Symbols
 Forms 10 & 11 Art GCSE Visit to Tate Modern – to be confirmed
09.00-16.00Nursery to Form 6 Mobile Planetarium visit from Winchester Planetarium
 Lower School Matches *
18.30-20.30Piano Festival Concert *
Friday 1st October08.30-08.50Form 4R Assembly*
09.00-17.30Form 11 Classics Trip to the British & V&A Museums
14.15-16.30Forms 3 & 4 Young Shakespeare Company Macbeth
Saturday 2nd October09.30-12.30Open Morning *
Week 5
Tuesday 5th October08.30-08.50Form 9KG Assembly*
09.00-11.00Opro Mouthguard Fittings
 Senior School Matches *
18.15-20.00Form 3 Parents’ Evening (Virtual)
Wednesday 6th October08.30-08.50Form 6L Assembly*
12.30-15.00Form 1 Trip to The Devil’s Punchbowl
 Prep School Matches *
Thursday 7th October 2nd Cards
 Form 5 Zoolab
14.10-15.10Prep School Council Meeting
14.10-15.10Form 6 Virtual Tour of Hastings Battle Ground
 Lower School Matches *
14.10-16.30Form 10 GCSE PE & Sports Science Gym Visit
19.00-21.00Form 10 Parents’ Social Evening*
Friday 8th October08.30-08.50Form 3A Assembly*
Week 6
Tuesday 12th October 08.30-08.50Form 10KNe Assembly*
 Senior School Matches *
17.45-18.15Senior School Talk for Form 9 Parents (Zoom)
18.15-20.00Forms 1 & 2 Parents’ Evening (Virtual)
18.15-20.00Form 9 Parents’ Evening (Virtual)
Wednesday 13th October Reception to Form 11 Nasal Flu Vaccinations
08.30-08.50Form 7BH Assembly*
09.00Reception, Forms 1 & 2 Harvest Festival*
 Prep School Matches *
18.30-20.30Forms 9 to 11 -Senior Music Concert*
Thursday 14th October Lower School Matches *
 Forms 9 to 11 Learning Performance Workshops
19.00-21.00Forms 11 Parents’ Social Evening*
Friday 15th October08.30-08.50Form 3CH Assembly*
08.50-10.50Forms 5 to 8 Debating Round 1
 Half Term begins
Week 7
  Form 11 In-Class Assessment Week
Monday 1st November Pupils Return
Tuesday 2nd November08.30-08.50Form 10SDB Assembly*
 Senior School Matches *
18.15-20.00Form 4 Parents’ Evening (Virtual)
Wednesday 3rd November Nursery to Form 2 Zoolab
08.30-08.50Form 8VW Assembly*
 Prep School Matches *
Thursday 4th November 3rd Cards
08.50-10.50Forms 5 to 8 Debating Round 2
 Lower School Matches *
Friday 5th November08.30-08.50Form 2 Assembly*
17.30-21.30Forms 4 to 7 Great Escape Evening
Saturday 6th November09.30-13.00Saturday Activities
09.30-13.00Form 11 Senior Academic Workshops
09.30-13.00Forms 10 Sports Leaders
17.30-19.30FOSE Bonfire Night *
Week 8
Monday 8th November09.00-15.30Form 1 Trip to Brooklands Museum
09.45-15.00Form 1 Trip to Brooklands Museum
Tuesday 9th November08.30-08.50Form 9TD Assembly*
 Senior School Matches *
18.15-20.00Form 5 Parents’ Evening (Virtual)
Wednesday 10th November08.30-08.50Form 5P Assembly*
 Prep School Matches *
Thursday 11th November 2nd Symbols
 Remembrance Day Services
14.10-15.10Form 8 Study Skills Workshop
 Lower School Matches *
18.30-20.30Forms 3 to 8 Choral Concert *
Friday 12th November08.30-08.50Form 1 Assembly*
Week 9
 Form 8 Exam Week
Monday 15th November Form 8 Exams Begin
15.00Governors’ Resources Committee Meeting
Tuesday 16th November08.30-08.50Form 9KD Assembly*
 Senior School Matches *
18.15-20.00Form 10 Parents’ Evening (Virtual
Wednesday 17th November08.30-08.50Form 6G Assembly*
 Prep School Matches *
Thursday 18th November 4th Cards
 Lower School Matches *
 Form 8 Exams End
Friday 19th November17.30-21.30Forms 8 to 10 Great Escape Evening
Saturday 20th November St Edmund’s Day
09.30-13.00Saturday Activities
09.30-13.00Forms 10 & 11 Senior Academic Workshops
08.45-12.0011+ Assesments
Week 10
 Form 9 Exam Week & Forms 3 to 7 Class Assessments
Monday 22nd November Form 9 Exams Begin
Tuesday 23rd November08.30-08.50Form 10SM Assembly*
 Senior School Matches *
Wednesday 24th November Prep School Matches *
Thursday 25th November Form 11 Practice GCSE Art Exam
 Lower School Matches *
 Form 9 Exams End
Friday 26th November08.30-08.50Reception Assembly*
12.30-16.30Inter-Schools Cross Country Competition*
Week 11
Monday 29th November15.00Governors’ Welfare & Education Committee Meeting
16.30Governors’ Board Meeting
Tuesday 30th November Forms 5 to 8 Debating Final
 Senior School Matches *
Wednesday 1st December08.30-08.50Form 8PCh Assembly*
14.00Forms 1 & 2 Nativity *
 Prep School Matches *
Thursday 2nd December 5th Cards
09.15EYFS Nativity *
14.10-16.30Forms 5 to 8 Divisional Swimming Gala
 Lower School Matches *
14.30EYFS Elf Run in aid of Phyllis Tuckwell
19.00-20.00Form 11 IGCSE Drama Devised Performances *
Week 12
Tuesday 7th December15.00Forms 9 to 11 Carol Service *
Wednesday 8th December14.00Forms 1 to 4 Carol Service *
14.00EYFS Christmas Party
Thursday 9th December15.00Forms 5 to 8 Carol Service *
Friday 10th December12.00Nursery to Form 2 End of Term
12.30Forms 3 to 11 End of Term

Future Dates

Lent 2022 – see note below

Term Starts: Thursday 6 January
Open Morning: Saturday 5th February 2022
Half Term: Monday 14 to Friday 18 February (inclusive)
Term Ends: Friday 25 March

Summer 2022– see note below

Term Starts: Thursday 21 April
Open Morning: Saturday 21st May 2022
Half Term: Monday 30 May to Friday 3 June (inclusive)
Term Ends: Thursday 7th and Friday 8th July

Note: These are the term dates we have set for next year. We recognise that staff and parents will want to use these dates in their planning. Should the current pandemic crisis require any changes to these term dates we will endeavour to give maximum notice to all concerned.