Calendar - Summer 2021

Week 1
Thursday 22nd April Term Starts
Friday 23rd April10.00-11.30FOSE Committee Meeting (by Zoom)
Saturday 24th April09.30-13.00Saturday Activities
09.30-13.00Forms 10 & 11 Academic Workshops
Week 2
Tuesday 27th April Senior School Matches
18.15-20.00Form 3 Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 28th April Forms 7 & 8 Junior UK Maths Challenge
 Prep School Matches
Thursday 29th April Form 8 HPV Immunisations
 Lower School Matches
Week 3
Monday 3rd May Early May Bank Holiday
Tuesday 4th May Senior School Matches
18.15-20.00Form 7 Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 5th May08.35-08.50Form 7DG Assembly
 Prep School Matches
Thursday 6th May 1st Cards
 Lower School Matches
 Form 11 NCS The Challenge
Friday 7th May08.35-08.50Form 4T Assembly
17.30-20.00Form 6 Activity Evening
Saturday 8th May09.30-13.00Saturday Activities
09.30-13.00Forms 10 & 11 Academic Workshops
Week 4
Monday 9th May Common Entrance MFL Listening Exams
 Form 8 Common Entrance Mental Maths
16.45-17.30Form 9 DofE Information Evening – via Zoom
Tuesday 11th May Senior School Matches
Wednesday 12th May08.35-08.50Form 6MW Assembly
 Prep School Matches
Thursday 13th May10.00-11.30FOSE Committee Meeting (by Zoom)
 Lower School Matches
18.30-20.00Forms 5 to 11 Choral Concert
Friday 14th May08.35-08.50Form 4R Assembly
Saturday 15th May09.30-12.30Open Morning
Week 5
Tuesday 18th May Senior School Matches
17.45-18.15Form 10 Future Schools’ Talk
18.15-20.00Form 10 Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 19th May08.35-08.50Form 5L Assembly
09.00-12.00Nursery to Form 2 Mill Cottage Farm Visit
 Prep School Matches
Thursday 20th May 1st Symbols
 2nd Cards
 Lower School Matches
 Self-Harm Awareness Sessions:
14.10-15.10Forms 7 & 8
15.30-16.30Forms 9 & 10
Friday 21st May08.35-08.50Form 3A Assembly
08:50-13:10Form 8 Habitats - Field Study
Week 6
Monday 24th May Form 4 Trip to The Victorian Schoolroom – to be confirmed
Tuesday 25th May Senior School Matches
18.15-20.00Form 5 Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 26th May08.35-08.50Form 7BM Assembly
09.15-15.30Form 1 Trip to Weald & Downland Museum
 Prep School Matches
Thursday 27th May Lower School Matches
14.10-15.10Forms 9 to 11 - Mandela Warder Talk
15.30-16.30Forms 7 & 8 - Mandela Warder Talk
10.00-11.30FOSE Committee Meeting (by Zoom)
Friday 28th May08.30-08.50Form 9 Reports delivered during Tutor period
08.35-08.50Form 3C Assembly
 Half Term Starts
Week 7
Monday 7th June Pupils Return
 Common Entrance Week
09.30-16.00Forms 3 & 4 Trip Butser Ancient Farm
Tuesday 8th June Common Entrance Exams Begin
 Common Entrance Exams Begin
16.40–17.15Swimming Gala v St Ives (H)
18.15-20.00Nursery Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 9th June08.35-08.50Form 6NP Assembly
 Prep School Matches
Thursday 10th June 3rd Cards
09.15-16.00Form 5 Trip to Hampton Court Palace
 Lower School Matches
Friday 11th June Common Entrance Exams End
08.35-08.50Form 2 Assembly
17.30–20.30Form 8 Activity Evening
Saturday 12th June Saturday Activities
09.30-13.00Form 10 Academic Workshops
11.00-13.00Parents’ and Pupils’ Golf Final
Week 8
Monday 14th June Parents’ and Pupils’ Golf Final
 Divisional Music Competition (during music lessons)
08.45-15.00Reception Trip to Painshill Park
15.00Governors’ Resources Committee Meeting
Tuesday 15th June Senior School Matches
18.15-20.00Reception Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 16th June08.35-08.50Form 5VO Assembly
 Prep School Matches
Thursday 17th June 2nd Symbols
10.00-11.30FOSE Committee Meeting (by Zoom) (Summer Fete only)
 Lower School Matches
Friday 18th June Form 9 DofE Workshops
08.35-08.50Form 1 Assembly
15.15-17.00Divisional Golf
15.15-17.00St Edmund’s Golf Open
18.30-20.00Forms 7 to 11 Music Scholars Concert at St Bartholomew’s Church, Haslemere
Saturday 19th June Form 9 DofE Expedition Departs
 LAMDA Exams – Sports Hall & Classrooms
 Staff v Parents’ Ryder Cup
Sunday 20th June Form 9 DofE Expedition Returns
 Form 8 Trip to Letton Hall departs
Week 9
Monday 21st June Forms 3 to 7 & 10 Exams
09.00-16.30Form 4 Trip to RHS Wisley
 Form 11 Leavers’ Reports published on the portal
18.30-21.00Form 11 Leavers' Dinner
Tuesday 22nd June Senior School Matches *
Wednesday 23rd June Prep School Matches *
Thursday 24th June 4th Cards
10.00-11.30FOSE Committee Meeting (by Zoom) (Summer Fete only)
 Lower School Matches *
Friday 25th June Form 10 Geography Field Trip to Slapton Sands Departs
 Form 8 Trip to Letton Hall returns
17.30- 20.45Forms 3 to 7 Summer Great Escape Activity Evening
Saturday 26th June13.00-16.00FOSE Summer Fete
Week 10
Monday 28th June Forms 4 to 11 St Edmund’s Tennis Open
15.00Governors’ Welfare & Education Committee Meeting
16.30Governors’ Board Meeting
 Form 10 Geography Field Trip to Slapton Sands Returns
Tuesday 29th June09.00Whole School Photo
 Senior School Matches *
Wednesday 30th June08.35-08.50Form 5K Assembly
 Prep School Matches *
19.00-21.00Form 10 IGCSE Drama group text performance *
Thursday 1st July Lower School Matches
10.00-11.30FOSE Committee Meeting (by Zoom) (Summer Fete & School Disco only)
19.00-21.00Summer Concert *
Friday 2nd July08.35-08.50Reception Assembly *
14.00EYFS Sports Day *
 Prep School Field Events
 Forms 10 & 11 DofE Expeditions Depart
Sunday 4th July Forms 10 & 11 DofE Expeditions Return
Week 11
Monday 5th July Nursery to Form 6 It’s a Knockout
Tuesday 6th July Forms 7 to 11 It’s a Knockout
 Divisional Party
Wednesday 7th July 5th Cards
 147th Annual Prep School Sports Day *
12.00-14.00Forms 1 to 4 *
14.00-16.30Forms 5 to 8 *
Thursday 8th July11.15Chapel Service for Leavers in Forms 3 to 8*
13.30-16.306th Senior School Sports Day *
18.00-19.30Forms 3 to 11 Art Exhibition *
Friday 9th July11.30-12.30Forms 9 to 11 Senior School Speech Day *
12.30-13.00Form 11 Farewell Drinks & Canapes *
13.30Form 8 Parents’ & Pupils’ Rounders *
12.30End of Term for Forms 9 to 11
15.15End of Term for Reception to Form 2
Saturday 10th July11.00-12.30Forms 3 to 8 Speech Day & End of Term*

Future Dates

Michaelmas 2021 – see note below

Term Starts: Monday 6 September
Open Morning: Saturday 2 October (Compulsory Attendance)
Half Term: Monday 18 to Friday 29 October (inclusive)
Term Ends: Friday 10 December

Lent 2022 – see note below

Term Starts: Thursday 6 January
Open Morning: TBC
Half Term: Monday 14 to Friday 18 February (inclusive)
Term Ends: Friday 25 March

Summer 2022– see note below

Term Starts: Thursday 21 April
Open Morning: TBC
Half Term: Monday 30 May to Friday 3 June (inclusive)
Term Ends: Saturday 9 July

Note: These are the term dates we have set for next year. We recognise that staff and parents will want to use these dates in their planning. Should the current pandemic crisis require any changes to these term dates we will endeavour to give maximum notice to all concerned.