Calendar - Summer 2022

Week 1
Thursday 21st April Term Starts
14.10-16.30Forms 9 & 10 Mental Health & Wellbeing talk
Saturday 23rd April 09.30-13.00Saturday Activities
09.30-13.00Forms 10 & 11 Senior Academic Workshops
Week 2
Tuesday 26th April08.30-12.10Form 10 GCSE RS Practice Exam
09.00-17.00Form 6 Trip to Arundel Castle
 Senior School Matches *
Wednesday 27th April Prep School Matches *
18.00-19.00Forms 8 to 10 GCSE PE – Video recording tutorial for parents *
Thursday 28th April08.30-09.45Form 2 Parents’ Introduction to Form 3 *
 Lower School Matches *
14.10-16.30Form 8 STEM Careers Event
17.30-19.30Forms 3 & 4 Activity Evening
19.00-21.00Forms 7 to 11 Music Scholars Concert at St Bartholomew’s Church, Haslemere *
Friday 29th April08.30-09.45Form 4 Parents’ Introduction to Form 5 *
Week 3
Monday 2nd May Early May Bank Holiday
Tuesday 3rd May Senior School Matches *
Wednesday 4th May08.30-08.50Form 5P Assembly *
 Prep School Matches *
18.15-20.00Form 9 Science CREST Evening *
Thursday 5th May 1st Cards
 GCSE Exams Start
08.30-10.00FOSE Committee Meeting *
 Lower School Matches *
 Eating Disorders Talk & Workshop with Hope Virgo:
14.10-15.10Forms 7 & 8
15.30-16.30Forms 9 to 11
19.00-20.30Parents *
10.20-10.40Forms 5 to 8 Parliament Outreach Office visit
Friday 6th May08.30-08.50Form 4T Assembly *
17.30-21.30Forms 7 to 10 Great Escape Activity Evening
Saturday 7th May09.30-13.00Saturday Activities
09.30-13.00Forms 10 & 11 Senior Academic Workshops
Week 4
Monday 9th May GCSE MFL Oral Exams
09.00School Photograph
Tuesday 10th May GCSE MFL Oral Exams
 Senior School Matches *
Wednesday 11th May08.30-08.50Form 8vOW Assembly *
 Prep School Matches *
18.15-19.15Sports Tour Information Evening via zoom
Thursday 12th May Lower School Matches *
19.00-20.00Forms 3 to 8 Performing Arts Showcase*
Friday 13th May08.30-08.50Form 4R Assembly *
09:50-15:10Form 8 Habitats Study
11.10-19.00Form 10 Theatre Trip to see Much Ado About Nothing
15.15-17.30FOSE Cake Sale*
Saturday 14th May Staff v Parents Ryder Cup *
Week 5
Monday 16th May GCSE Study Leave Begins
09.30-15.30Form 4 Trip to The Victorian Schoolroom
Tuesday 17th May Senior School Matches *
18.15-20.00Nursery Parents’ Evening Meeting
17.45-18.15Form 10 Future Schools Talk
18.15-20.00Form 10 Parents’ Evening Meeting
Wednesday 18th May08.30-08.50Form 6K Assembly *
 Prep School Matches *
Thursday 19th May 1st Symbols
 2nd Cards
08.30-09.30FOSE Parents’ Coffee Morning *
 Lower School Matches *
18.30-20.00Forms 5 to 11 Choral Concert *
Friday 20th May Form 9 Final School Booster & Meningitis Vaccinations
08.30-08.50Form 3A Assembly *
17.30-20.30Form 8 Activity Evening
09.00-15.15Form 1 Trip to Coultershaw Heritage Site & Beam Pump
Saturday 21st May09.30-12.30Open Morning (timings for pupils)
10.00-12.40Open Morning*
Week 6
Monday 23rd May14.00-15.00Reception, Forms 1 & 2 - Bee Musical Performance *
Tuesday 24th May Senior School Matches *
19.00-20.00Form 10 GCSE Drama Group Text Performances *
Wednesday 25th May08.30-08.50Form 7BH Assembly *
 Prep School Matches *
14.30-15.15Welcome to Reception Tea
Thursday 26th May08.30-16.30Forms 1 to 6 Steelpan Workshops
 Lower School Matches *
17.30-22.00Form 9 Activity Evening
Friday 27th May08.30-08.50Form 3C Assembly *
12.00-16.30Platinum Jubilee School Celebrations
16.30Half Term Begins
Saturday 28th May Forms 7 to 10 Sports Tour to Barcelona Departs
Friday 3rd June Forms 7 to 10 Sports Tour to Barcelona Returns
Week 7
  Common Entrance Week
Monday 6th June09.30-16.00Form 3 Trip to Butser Ancient Farm
Tuesday 7th June Common Entrance Exams Start
 Senior School Matches *
18.15-20.00Form 5 Parents’ Evening Meeting
Wednesday 8th June09.30-11.30EYFS Stay and Play
 Prep School Matches *
17.00-18.00Form 10 pre-trip meeting for Classics Trip to Athens*
Thursday 9th June 3rd Cards
 Lower School Matches *
12.00-19.30Form 9 Theatre Trip to Woman in Black
Friday 10th June Common Entrance Exams End
09.00-16.00Form 5 Trip to Hampton Court Palace
15.10-16.30Divisional Golf
15.10-16.30St Edmund’s Golf Open
17.30-21.30Forms 3 to 6 Great Escape Activity Evening
08.30-17.30U13 Cricket Tournament @ Belmont School
Saturday 11th June09.30-13.00Choristers Car Wash in aid of ChapelChoir Tour
09.30-13.00Saturday Activities
09.30-13.00Form 10 Senior Academic Workshops
Week 8
 Forms 9 & 10 exam week
Monday 13th June UN World Oceans Mufti Day
 Sports Photos
09.15-15.00Reception Trip to Painshill Park
15.00Governors’ Resources Committee Meeting
Tuesday 14th June Senior School Matches *
18.15-20.00Reception Parents’ Evening Meeting
18.15-20.00Form 7 Parents’ Evening Meeting
Wednesday 15th June08.30-08.50Form 5VO Assembly *
 Prep School Matches *
08.30-17.30U11 Cricket Tournament @ Tonbridge School
Thursday 16th June 2nd Symbols
08.30-10.00FOSE Committee Meeting *
09.15-15.00Form 2 Trip to Chessington World of Adventures – Safari Adventure
 Lower School Matches *
17.30-20.30Form 6 Activity Evening
Friday 17th June Form 1 Assembly *
14.00EYFS Sports Day *
Saturday 18th June LAMDA Exams
Sunday 19th June LAMDA Exams
12.00Form 8 Trip to Letton Hall Departs
Week 9
 Forms 3 to 7 & 10 Exam week
 Form 8 Letton Hall Week
Tuesday 21st June09.00-16.30Form 4 Trip to RHS Wisley
 Senior School Matches *
Wednesday 22nd June Prep School Matches *
Thursday 23rd June 4th Cards
 Orientation day for joiners
14.00-18.00Stevensons uniform pop-up shop *
 Lower School Matches *
17.30-20.30Forms 3 to 7 Hogwarts Activity Evening
Friday 24th June GCSE Exams End
 Forms 4 to 11 St Edmund’s Tennis Open
 Form 10 Geography Field Trip to Slapton Sands departs
08.30-08.50Form 2 Assembly *
16.30Form 8 Trip to Letton Hall Returns
18.30-21.00Form 11 Leavers’ Dinner
Saturday 25th June09.30-13.00Saturday Activities
09.30-13.00Form 10 Senior Academic Workshops
13.00-16.30FOSE School Fair *
Week 10
Monday 27th June Form 10 Geography Field Trip to Slapton Sands returns
09.00-16.30Form 6 Trip to Harry Potter World
14.10-15.10Official Opening of The Farley Hall
16.30Governors’ Board Meeting
Tuesday 28th June Prep School Field Events
05.00Form 10 Classics Trip to Athens Departs from Heathrow Terminal 5
08.45-16.00Form 1 Trip to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
 Senior School Matches *
17.30-18.30Forms 3 & 4 Production: Jungle Book*
Wednesday 29th June GCSE Contingency Day
 Prep School Matches
Thursday 30th June Lower School Matches *
15.00Form 8 Parents & Pupils Rounders*
19.00-20.30Forms 5 & 6: Lion King Production*
Friday 1st July08.30-08.50Reception Assembly *
08.50-10.50Forms 3 to 8 Declamation Final *
15.15-17.30FOSE Cake Sale *
19.00-20.30Forms 5 & 6: Lion King Production*
Saturday 2nd July15.25Form 10 Classics Trip to Athens Returns to Heathrow Terminal 5
Sunday 3rd July Pre-tour Chapel Choir Concert
Week 11
Monday 4th July 148th Annual Prep School Sports Day: *
12.00-14.00Forms 1 to 4 *
14.00-16.30Forms 5 to 8 *
Tuesday 5th July08.50-09.50Divisional Party
13.30-16.307th Senior School Sports Day
19.00-21.00Summer Concert *
18.00-19.30Form 11 GCSE Art Exhibition *
Wednesday 6th July 5th Cards
 It’s a Knockout
Thursday 7th July12.30End of Term for Reception to Form 2
14.30-15.45Forms 3 to 8 Speech Day followed by a Farewell Drinks Reception *
15.45End of Term for Forms 3 to 8
Friday 8th July10.30Forms 9 to 11 Pupils to arrive in School for Speech Day
11.00-12.15Forms 9 to 11 Speech Day followed by a Farewell Drinks Reception *
12.15End of Term for Forms 9 to 11
Saturday 9th July Forms 8 to 11 Iceland Trip Departs
Wednesday 13th July Chapel Choir Tour to Salzburg Departs
Thursday 14th July Forms 8 to 11 Iceland Trip Returns
Sunday 17th July Chapel Choir Tour to Salzburg Returns

Future Dates

Michaelmas 2022

Term Starts: Thursday 8 September
Open Morning: Saturday 1 October
Half Term: Monday 17 to 28 October (inclusive)
Term Ends: Friday 9 December