Little Ed's

Communication & Learning Journeys

At Little Ed’s, we consider good communication between home and school imperative and we value the day to day contact we have with our parents. Our dedicated Nursery team are always pleased to meet and chat with parents either before or after a Nursery session and we host a “parent evening” every other term for a more thorough update on your child’s development. To ensure continuity, a designated member of our Little Ed’s team becomes each child’s key worker who will interact and relate with them every day, promoting their confidence and independence. Furthermore, our fantastic secure “Online Learning Journeys” help the nursery staff to record and track your child’s progress and development offering an effective, frequent two way flow of communication between school and home, making sure you really do play a big part in your child’s Nursery life. These online journeys follow the children through Nursery into our Reception class ensuring the very best continuity for everyone.