Camp Craft

Forms 3 and 4

Children moving up into and/or entering our Form 3 adapt to the longer school day as well as learning the art of tying a school tie for the first time! With focus very much on broadening the childrenís understanding of the world, encouraging them to foster a positive attitude to learning and helping them in their ability to think for themselves, our Form 3 and 4 children benefit from the introduction of specialist teaching in subjects including DT, Art and Drama, as well as experiencing team games and competitive sport matches for the first time.

Our children have lessons in the following subjects:

English Mathematics Science P.E. (inc. swimming lessons)
French History Geography I.C.T.
R.S./P.S.H.E.††† Music†† Art Dance
DT Drama Theatre Studies LOTC

Our highly successful "Learning Outside the Classroom" initiative plays a key part in Form 3 and Form 4ís curriculum. Education is more than the acquisition of knowledge; it is about improving young peopleís skills, values and personal development. Our Learning Outside the Classroom timetable significantly enhances the childrenís ability to learn and achieve as well as increasing motivation and inspiration. As you can imagine, St. Edís 40 acres lends itself perfectly to the long list of fun and sometimes quirky activities adopted by the LOTC team.