Dermot the Saxon

Only at St. Ed’s could you wander into the Jubilee Hall on a Wednesday morning, and come face to face with a real life Saxon called Dermot! Well Pupils in Forms 5 and 6 were somewhat surprised to welcome into their history lesson this week exactly that! Currently studying the Dark Ages, Dermot the Saxon popped in to share with them his endless knowledge on what life was all about in Anglo-Saxon times. With thanks to members of his audience, Dermot demonstrated the levels of hierarchy back then as well as what people would have worn. The highlight of his presentation had to be the authentic chainmail shirt which was worn by soldiers – he shared with me afterwards that apparently he made the chainmail himself, of which he has two, and they are insured for £60,000 each! I had no idea the Saxons had such expensive insurance policies! Thank you Dermot for joining us, and for allowing us to experience a little bit of Saxon life.

September 2016