“How goes the Work?”

Poor Duck, he has to do everything around the farm whilst the Farmer lies in bed eating chocolates and gets fatter and fatter. “How goes the work?” the Farmer asks, “Quack!” says the Duck. This wonderful and funny story from Martin Waddell is obviously a firm favourite of our Form 1 children as they performed the story during their assembly last week. With a stage full of moos, baas and clucks, the tale of the hardworking duck and his friends the cows, sheep and hens came alive inside the Jubilee Hall as the farm animals find a solution to poor duck’s plight and rid themselves of the lazy farmer. Portraying the importance of working together as a team and helping your friends when they need you, Form 1’s assembly did not disappoint with this delightfully engaging and slightly quirky tale. Thank you Form 1 and it’s a well done “Quack” from us!

November 2016