Super Heroes Win the Day!

This term saw the annual gathering of all Super Heroes in the Grayshott and surrounding area thanks to the St. Ed’s Super Hero boarding night. I gather much of the evening was spent saving the world from a number of dastardly threats from Doctor Doom and Red Skull, but thanks to the Fantastic Four and Captain America’s quick thinking, the burning asteroid destined for the Puntablock was averted with only seconds to go. Spiderman was up to his old tricks again, spinning a giant web in the Jubilee Hall which Batman and Cat Girl found particularly difficult to clamber through, and Iron Man was his usual cheeky self, initiating an ‘everyone out for themselves’ laser gun attack against the unsuspecting teaching staff. Thankfully the superheroes did get some sleep to restore their super powers which is just as well as apparently the Green Goblin has recently been spotted hovering over the Auden Centre … in hindsight, it may well have been Mr Hyett trying out one of his new experiments, who knows! div style="float:right; margin:1em 1em 0 0 ; width: 760px;">

December 2016