Pirates of the Caribbean Boarding Night

A swirly haunting mist enveloped St. Ed’s last week and on this occasion it was not Dr Carlin’s rogue experiments! Through the irking fog a hint of a black mast that faded before roaming eyes could reveal the apparition before them. A distant dull chime of an aged ships bell and the isolated creaking of salt weathered wood … it could mean only one thing, the Black Pearl had returned. Within seconds the school was awash with rumbustious young pirates searching high and low for their golden cargoes, though the fledgling deckhands were keen to stay out of trouble under the watchful eye of Captain Barbossa who scowled the Auden centre in search of the Dead Man’s Chest. Captain Sparrow was up to his usual swashbuckling shenanigans in his arduous pursuit for the fabled fountain of youth as he’d been told by Will Turner the clue was in Davy Jones locket hidden under Mr Wright’s desk. Before long mutiny embraced the dining room but thanks to a last minute ‘parley’ by Mr Messina, Captain Barbossa and Jack Sparrow escaped amongst the doomed fog of the fated Black Pearl never to be seen again … well, until this time next year!

February 2017