Festival Success

Huge congratulations to all of our LAMDA students who took part in the Godalming Festival this year. It is the largest festival of its kind in the South East and the standard was exceptionally high. We entered a diverse selection of classes and the Adjudicators praised pupils for their expression, posture, projection, character movements and most importantly, entertaining the audience. St Edmund's pupils all received fantastic marks of 82% or over, showcasing their work with focus and skill. Congratulations to the following:

Purdy Kent, Lily Hampson, Jamie Burnett-Thompson, Lily Rayner, Hannah Gruhn, Lyra Garrison, Phoebe Smith, Sienna Isaacs, Florence Walker, Chloe Mockridge, Isabella Isaacs, Jacob Darrington, Elsa Gunn, Jake Paterson, Ned Cardwell, Harry Froggatt, Alexander Garrison, Didi Cardwell, Bonnie Davies , Santi Clements-Rodriguez, Oscar Williams, Sam Millard, Xavi Clements-Rodriguez, Emma Berridge, Penny Boyd, Cosmo Inglis-Jones, Olivia Isaacs, Mitchell Marie, Jack Cardwell, Rufus Davies, Toby Walker, Will Parsonson and Madeleine Brissenden.

A special mention to the following who received places in their classes:

Solo Verse Speaking Year 3
Purdy Kent, 2nd place (87% Distinction)
Humorous Verse Year 3 & 4
Phoebe Smith, 1st place (88% Distinction)

Humorous Verse Year 5&6
Isabella Isaacs, 2nd place (87% Distinction)

Own Writing Poetry, Year 13 and under
Olivia Isaacs, 1st place (86% Distinction)

Prose Sightreading Year 9 and under
Olivia Isaacs, 1st place and winner of the Speechskills Trophy for Sight Reading (90% Honours)

Duologue Year 9 and Under
Jake Paterson & Ned Cardwell, 1st place (87% Distinction)
Didi Cardwell & Bonnie Davies, 3rd place (85%)
Alexander Garrison & Harry Froggatt, 3rd place (85%)

Solo Acting Year 9 and under
Will Parsonson, 1st place (93% Honours)
Olivia Isaacs, 3rd place (87% Distinction)
Mitchell Marie, 3rd place (87% Distinction)

Own Writing Monologue Year 13 and under
Madeleine Brissenden, 1st place (87% Distinction)

If that wasn’t enough, another even greater mention for Will Parsonson who was awarded the highest possible accolade. Not only did he win his class, but he was awarded The Teresa Mahoney Trophy for the most promising performance by a competitor under the age of 18. Will has been asked to go to St. Catherine School to collect his trophy in a special festival concert to be held later this month. Only three outstanding performances from the entire speech festival are asked to perform at the special ceremony and Will has been requested to perform his, what an accolade. Within minutes of receiving this news, Will also found out that he has been offered the lead role in a new film for Network Rail highlighting safety. The film will be shown in schools nationwide so everyone watch out for Will! The greatest of congratulations Will on two such fantastic achievements both of which are thoroughly deserved.

March 2017