Crest Award for Science

Our form 9 pupils spent last term working towards their CREST Bronze award, a scheme run by the British Science Association which challenges pupils to undertake an extended project to answer a key scientific question of their own choosing. Upon completion, our pupils had to present their findings to a panel of judges on 25th April who then judged them on their scientific method, findings and presentation skills. The judges included Ian Chapman, Health and Safety Executive Specialist Inspector for Mechanical Engineering, David Hardingham an Engineer at BP and Clive Hutchings, Group Director for STR Group.  All three judges commented on how impressed they were at not only the quality of the science which was produced but also the eloquence and confidence with which pupils were able to present.  Many congratulations to everyone for their hardwork and commitment and a special mention to the following winners:

1st Place

Title: Cleaning your teeth (making your own toothpaste)

Team members:
Lana Boyd-Livingston
Oliver Lang
Matthew Semper

Second Place

Title: Fun if the fair: how do you make a rollercoaster faster?

Team members:
Rufus Davies
Daniel Jenkins
Daniel Mooney
Lieske Oomen
Ben Shepherd

3rd Place

Title: Why do we use shampoo?
Team members:
Kiera McIntyre
Dominic O'Brien

June 2017