Sensational LAMDA Results!

St. Ed’s LAMDA pupils are flying high thanks to their sensational exam results. Out of the 49 performances examined our pupils achieved 34 Distinctions with the remaining scoring high Merits. Tremendous results and many congratulations go to: (listed in Forms as of Summer term 2017)

Prep School: Jamie Burnett-Thompson, Ned Cardwell, Xavi Clements-Rodriguez, Jacob Darrington, James Dolden, Kitty Eichhorn, Harry Froggatt, Lyra Garrison, Alexander Garrison, Hannah Gruhn, Lily Hampson, Cosmo Inglis-Jones, Isabella Isaacs, Sienna Isaacs, Purdy Kent, Sam Millard, Chloe Mockridge, Madelaine Murrin, Jake Paterson, Phoebe Smith, Florence Walker, Emily Wells and Darcey Wrigley

Senior Prep: Emma Berridge, Penny Boyd, Madeleine Brissenden, Didi Cardwell, Archie Clark, Jack Cardwell, Santi Clements-Rodriguez, Bonnie Davies, John Deacon, Olivia Isaacs, Mitchell Marie, Kit Mayhook-Walker, Sebastian Rutherford James, Tristan Rutherford James, Toby Walker, Oscar Williams

Seniors: Gabriel Barnes, Oliver Boyd, Imogen Burke, Rufus Davies, Oscar da Silva, Arthur Gunn, Imogen Mayhook-Walker, Lieske Oomen, Will Parsonson and Oliver Price

Finally, a deserving special mention to those that scored 90% and above: Lily Hampson, Purdy Kent, Florence Walker, Isabella Isaacs, Jake Paterson, Ned Cardwell, Olivia Isaacs, Will Parsonson, Oscar Da Silva, Mitchell Marie and Darcy Wrigley. Well done everyone!

November 2017