Bee Happy!

Pupils at St. Edmund’s School in Hindhead were busy celebrating the completion of their “Bee Happy” sponsored roundabout last week, and thanks to the warm bank holiday weather, the flowers and blossom are in perfect bloom. Joining St. Ed’s Headmaster, Adam Walliker for the official opening was Mayor Malcolm Carter as well as Stephen Price and Jo Alderton of Grey and Green Landscapes who worked alongside St. Ed’s in planning and designing the roundabout. Adam Walliker commented, “We agreed with the council that this busy gateway to Haslemere and the Surrey Hills should resemble the perfect English garden and we are delighted with what Stephen and Jo have done. We asked the children in our Lower Prep and Prep school for their ideas on what should be included on our roundabout and the plight of our bees was raised time and time again. We therefore have ended up with a roundabout that is 100% “bee friendly” with the trees, plants and flowers all specially designed to attract our vital pollinators. Without the tireless work of our bees and other pollinating insets, over one third of everything we eat would disappear from our tables, so we at St. Ed’s are delighted to be able to make a small difference”. Jo Alderton from Grey and Green Landscapes added, “When we were approached to come up with a concept for the roundabout we were delighted to work with St. Edmund’s to achieve their goals of a planting scheme that reflected their ethos of sustainable and natural, with a bee friendly theme. We are particularly delighted with the wild flower meadow and plants and trees native to Hindheads local heathland flora”. The Mayor spent time talking with pupils and having a guided tour of all the different trees and plants; before departing he commented, “if I were a bee, I would be extremely happy making the St. Ed’s roundabout my home!”

December 2018