Our Mount Rushmoor

Form 8vO chose the iconic memorial Mount Rushmore as the basis of their assembly this term, linking it to their PSHE lessons on diversity. Each of them chose a new face to carve into the granite to represent an inspirational person and their diversity. Their choices included Sir David Attenborough, Ariana Grande, Bill Gates, Alan Turing, Emeline Pankhurst, Jonnie Peacock, Mother Teresa, Steven Hawking, Muhammed Ali, Will Smith, Katie Piper, Martin Luther King, Bear Grylls and Caster Semanya. Highlighting the fact that many of these people have experienced dark moments of prison, illness, injury, poverty, loneliness, persecution and disappointment Form 8vO concluded, “These people rose above these adversities which makes them heroic in our eyes. They have shown tremendous inner strength, resilience, hope and determination to stand by their deeds and goals, making this world a better place.” Thank you Form 8vO for making the Jubilee Hall a better place.

December 2018