St. Ed’s Sustainability

As a school, the issue of sustainability and procurement is an increasingly important issue, and with the children learning about the pursuit of environmental impact across the curriculum, it is critical to support and introduce important concepts and ideas to ensure what they are learning comes alive. Working closely with Sodexo, our catering department and Bursary have already introduced a number of initiatives, including:
  • Since June 2018 all plastic straws and stirrers were banned in the school.
  • The team uses Red Tractor Meat and MSC fish. Red Tractor is the largest food assurance scheme in the United Kingdom. It claims to ensure the food is traceable, safe to eat and has been produced responsibly.
  • We are phasing out single use plastic bags and polystyrene foam items such as cups, lids and food containers by 2020.
  • Stephen and the team use a local fruit and vegetable supplier.
  • Wasteful to Tasteful. We rescue Grade B fruit and vegetables that would normally go to landfill. Working with a group of cooperative farmers the team here at St. Ed’s get a15kg veg box once a week and a 5kg fruit box once a month, to put towards their menus and create dishes.
  • Plastic bottles are now only used for pack lunches and we are looking into alternatives eg. cans/cartons in the hope that single use plastics can be banned entirely from St. Ed’s in the not too distant future.
  • The team used small glass bottles for Prize and Speech Day as opposed to plastic, as glass is easier to re-cycle.
  • The team’s food waste and oil are collected by Olleco and sent for recycling. The Food waste is turned into fertilizer and the oil is turned into heat/electricity or used for vehicle fuel.
  • We closely monitor the amount of certified sustainable palm oil that Sodexo consume and bu GreenPalm certificates to compensate for the non-certified palm oil that Sodexo source as a company.
  • Sodexo and the World Wildlife fund are working together to create healthier plant-based meals with less environmental impact.

December 2018