Form 9 Crest Award

Our Form 9 pupils have spent the final part of term working on their CREST Bronze award, a scheme run by the British Science Association which challenges pupils to undertake an extended project to answer a key scientific question of their own choosing. Upon completion, our pupils will present their findings to a panel of judges where Bronze awards can be given but also a 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the year group. This year’s challenges include: What yeast mixture makes the best bread? Making your own toothpaste and bath bombs; How colour affects reading? What is the quietest snack for the cinema? Does your tongue have different taste buds? Modelling flight, Collecting fingerprints, How do we protect buildings from earthquakes? What materials do you need to climb Everest? and my personal favourite, How do you make the best hot chocolate?! Congratulations everyone on your commitment and hard work.

May 2019