Shoes for Africa

You may remember that at the end of Speech Day last term, we asked everyone to donate their school shoes for Africa, more specifically, Sal’s Shoes, a local not for profit organisation who for five years has been collecting unwanted shoes and sending them out to the 300 million children in the world for whom walking with shoes is a rarity. A massive shout out to fellow St. Ed’s parent Mrs Forster and Nia (F5) and Evie (F3) who spent their spare time cleaning all of the shoes (in return for pocket mone!) and coordinating with the charity to ensure every pair of shoes reached their worthy destination. On September 3rd, our St. Ed’s shoe donation was delivered to a depot in Edenbridge in Sussex and Mrs Forster has just heard that our shoe assignment arrived in Africa last week, adding to the 4,805 pairs of shoes that Sal’s Shoes have already distributed in 8 countries, including the UK, around the world. To date, in just over 5 years, the charity has found new feet for over a million pairs of pre-loved children’s shoes in 43 countries around the world. Thank you to everyone, especially Nia and Evie for your donations and hard work. Same again next year?!

November 2019