Victory is in having done your best.If you've done your best, You've won

It was touch and go in the days leading up to our Sports Day week at St. Ed’s with other schools cancelling their events as well as the attendance by parents. Some may call it great foresight, others stubbornness (!), but our Sports Department were determined to ensure the top field was alive with spectators on the day and thankfully, that is exactly what happened! Our Prep School Sports Day was once again an afternoon full of excitement, pushing limits, great camaraderie and superb competition – not mentioning of course the unlimited levels of homemade lemonade and Pimms and incredible cakes! A huge thank you to not only the sports department for all of their hard work to ensure a successful day, but to all of the staff members and catering team who yet again went above and beyond to guarantee the event took place covid safe! Finally, an enormous cheer for all of the children who did their best on the day – you are all our sporting super stars!

July 2021