A morning with Nathan Gurd

Teenage singer, songwriter and popular Youtuber Nathan Gurd visited St. Ed’s earlier this term to talk (and sing) to the Seniors about bullying and mental health. Nathan, who has had three top 40 singles in the UK charts, has not had the easiest starts to life, having been bullied at school from the age of 13. He spent the morning discussing with our Forms 9, 10 and 11 the importance of talking to people when things get tough. He shared his experiences about how he had overcome mental health and body image issues as well as cyber bullying in order to follow his dream of becoming a singer. Between songs, Nathan answered questions and encouraged the children to follow their dreams. “There will be a few bumps along the road but don’t give up, as it will be worth it,” he said.

Through his music Nathan wants to help and inspire others to believe they can achieve anything. He talked about the importance of having hobbies outside of school work, eating properly, getting lots of sleep and having the courage to talk to friends, family and teachers about problems or worries.

He also totally rocked the Farley Hall with everyone out of their seats dancing, even the staff who sat at the back so as not to embarrass anyone! Check Nathan out on Youtube.

March 2022