Ready St-Eddy Cook!

This term saw the arrival of Food Tech on the Prep school’s curriculum, and wow, what a success it has been! All of the children in Forms 3 to 8 have spent their lessons creating a variety of amazing culinary treats, including Sushi, Vegetable Soup, Bread, Fresh Pasta, Rainbow Salads and in support of Ukraine, traditional Ukranian potato cakes. The children have also learnt a host of cookery skills, including how to make a basic Roux sauce, chopping techniques including the bridge hold and the claw grip as well as chocolate making. The producers of Master Chef better start preparing, they’re going to have an abundance of expert chefs on their hands in the years to come! A big thank you to Mrs Tuhill for her culinary creativity, we can’t to see what’s on the menu for next term.

March 2022