Festival Success 2022

Mrs Darrington our Head of LAMDA reports:

An enormous congratulations to everyone who took part in the Godalming Festival, one of the largest Speech and Drama Festivals in the Southeast. Classes were larger than ever this year as they cut down the performing days from four to two. This meant tougher competition for places, but places we got thanks to the children’s outstanding performances on the day.

For me, it was an utter joy to see performers back performing on stage, their natural home. Something we have all missed so desperately. As one adjudicator said to me how incredible it was to see “young people doing such incredible things on stage”, I could not have agreed with him more. Another commented on the vital life skill of communication that all LAMDA students develop through their performances, a skill that is required in each every walk of life.

I would like to take this opportunity of giving the following the biggest of shout outs for their hardwork and commitment on both the lead up and the day. Congratulations to:

Maggie Darrington, Harrison Atkins, Harry O’Hare, Ella Campbell , Georgia Christmas, Louie Henderson, Isabella Vassallo, Wills Tuhill, Euan Smith, Briony Davies, Lottie Lackenby-Fowler, Henry Campbell, Arthur Jenkins, Gabriel Jordon, Jake Darrington, Samuel Taylor, Freya Carlin, Sebastian Taylor, Memphis Morris , Zachary Darrington, Lucas Watson, Louisa Vassallo, Jacob Petrella, Ava Hardy, Poppy Henderson, Beatrice Moler-Butcher, Madisyn Sloan, Noah Cudmore-Day, Isabella Kidd, Savannah Kimber, Phoebe McEwan, Rohan Sabharwal, Darcey Wrigley, Ellyn Johnson, Katie Mein, Louis Muddle, Jenna Berry, Ruby Adams , Sebastian Atkins, David Szucs-Farkas, Esme Bowerbank, George Garlick, Charlotte Franks, Sienna Isaacs, Harry Boparai, Oliver Vickery, Harriet Taylor, Marcus Zuhairi, Islay Vickery & Marina Wells.

A very special mention and high five to the following who received places in their classes:
Prose Reading Year 2
Maggie Darrington 85% (2nd Place)
Solo Verse Speaking Year 3
Harrison Atkins 87% DISTINCTION (1st Place)
Harry O’Hare 87% DISTINCTION (1st Place)
Ella Campbell 85% (3rd Place)
Humorous Verse Speaking Year 3-4
Wills Tuhill 87% DISCTINCTION (1st Place)
Euan Smith 86% (2nd Place)
Briony Davies 85% (3rd Place)
Humorous Verse Speaking Year 5-6
Jake Darrington 91% HONOURS (1st Place)
Samuel Taylor 90% HONOURS (2nd Place)
Freya Carlin 89% DISTINCTION (1st Place)
Sebastian Taylor 89% DISTINCTION (3rd Place)
Memphis Morris 88% DISTINCTION (2nd Place)
Zachary Darrington 88% DISTINCTION (2nd Place)
Louisa Vassallo 87% DISTINCTION (3rd Place)
Prose Sight Reading Year 6 and under
Lucas Watson 91% HONOURS (1st Place)
Sam Taylor 91% HONOURS (1st Place)
Freya Carlin 90% HONOURS (1st Place)
Ava Hardy 89% DISTINCTION (3rd Place)
Jake Darrington 89% DISTINCTION (3rd Place)
Isabella Kidd 87% DISTINCTION (2nd Place)
Zachary Darrington 87% DISTINCTION (2nd Place)
Solo Acting – Not Shakespeare (Year 6 and Under)
Phoebe McEwan 89% DISTINCTION (2nd Place)
Solo Acting – Not Shakespeare (Year 7 – 9)
Rohan Sabharwal 88% DISTINCTION (2nd Place)
Darcey Wrigley 88% DISTINCTION (2nd Place)
Ellyn Johnson 87% DISTINCTION (3rd Place)
Solo Acting – Not Shakespeare (Year 10-11)
Ruby Adams 86% (3rd Place)
Duologue Acting (Year 6 and Under)
Sebastian Atkins 87% DISTINCTION (2nd Place)
& David Szucs-Farkas
Esme Bowerbank 86% (3rd Place)
& George Garlick
Duologue Acting (Year 9 and Under)
Charlotte Franks 89% DISTINCTION (3rd Place)
& Sienna Isaacs
Harry Boparai 88% DISTINCTION (2nd Place)
& Oliver Vickery

And finally, in the words of one adjudicator, Marcia Carr, “ Shakespeare wrote plays for players. When you play, you capture your audience” - the audiences lucky enough to watch these young performers, were most definitely captured.

Well done, what superstars!

March 2022