The Senior School

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" Nelson Mandela

St. Ed’s Senior School offers a rare and unique educational experience for the young gentlemen and women who join us. In contrast to the many larger institutions available, our dedication to small teaching groups and our strong sense of community creates an environment where pupils’ confidence can be invigorated and individuals can be heard.

St. Ed’s seniors’ acquire the faith to believe in themselves and in what they can achieve. They gain the necessary skills vital to making the most of their future opportunities and we safeguard the core social values that are developed alongside the curriculum, ensuring that our children encompass an awareness of right and wrong and hold upper most respect for their peers and those around them.

The mantra from our Prep and Senior Prep Schools flows effortlessly into our senior facility as we continue to pride ourselves in teaching our children to learn, to think independently, to challenge and to discuss. Above all, we motivate them, we believe in them and we guide them towards becoming self-determined mature individuals who are fully prepared for the ever changing world that awaits them.

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